Project Server 2010 Solution Starters - feedback from customers

After being involved in Project Server 2010 Solution Starters development, we are always pleased to see that companies who are implementing / using Project Server 2010 utilize some of the solution starters. From our experience, most popular ones are Dynamic Workflow, Bulk Edit and Bulk Import.
Here I wanted to share some ideas / problems from customers who are using them.

Dynamic workflow
  • ability to send email when moving between stages

Bulk Edit
  • Works slow on big number of projects (over 50) (we have customizations with reading data from RDB but writing via PSI)
  • Some customers want projects to be checked-in after editing
  • Correct handling of session end (we heard one comment from user on this and it is more our guess

Bulk Import
  • using custom fields with lookup tables and populating values.
Maybe community should ask MS to implement some of those changes?
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