Portfolio and Programs in Project Server

In this post I will cover how we can create a support of Programs and Portfolio Functionality in Project Server 2010.

By definition, project is "a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result". Program can consist one or more Projects that are delivering within one initiative; Portfolio can consist one or more Programs or Projects and is more strategic grouping.

Usually, Program can have its own schedule ignoring the fact that it can contain more than one project which can define the duration, start / end dates; Logic behind giving ability to have own schedule is based on fact that there might be activities that has to be tracked on Program level.
We can use the same logic for Portfolio, but in reality portfolio is a more a matter of "grouping" projects for reporting / structuring projects within organizational strategy.

My suggestion is to have 2 lookup tables and 3 custom fields on Project Level:

Lookup tables:
  LT Program
  LT Portfolio

Custom fields:
  Is Program (Flag)
  Program (Referencing LT Program)
  Portfolio (Referencing LT Portfolio)

Program is defined as project with Program field empty and Is Program field checked; Program can have value in Portfolio field.

Project has Is Program field unchecked; Project can have values in both Program and Portfolio fields.

Portfolio is just grouping value;

As significant improvement for managing lookup tables is to develop event handler on project save that will populate LT Program lookup table dynamically, otherwise you have to maintain it manually.

As part of effort, I would recommend to create several reports:
  • Programs Overview (list of programs in Program with indicators
  • Program Details 
  • Portfolio Overview (list of projects / programs in Portfolio with indicators)
Every report can incorporate links to drill down.
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