Project Server 2010 - Dynamic Approvals Workflow

In February 2010, our team completed  migration of Project Server 2007 system to Project Server 2010 platform with additional customization work. Original system contained over 1000 projects with about about 300 active projects in execution phase.

As part of the migration, our client wanted to perform number of improvements in their current project initiation process, so we designed and implemented a workflow for that.

There are number of nice features that I wanted to highlight:

  • Ability to define up to five approvers and dynamically specify if their approval is mandatory. This is done by utilizing 10 custom fields for approvers and requirement for approval with some front-end javascript code for making all fields as required.
  • On every change of ownership / action required system sends emails to all parties notifying of required actions.
  • Most of the approvals have 3 states - approve, reject, request for more information.
  • We've implemented detailed log trail for audit and maintenance using Event Log.


  • Dynamic project permissions management - since there are several owners during project life cycle plus number of additional key resources that need ability to access specific project only, we are dynamically give permissions for this project for specific users, this is done by workflow.
  • Customer wanted Auto ID  (user friendly of-course) generation - done with event handler and SharePoint list.
  • There are number of project types (EPT), and depending on selected EPT, workflow routes project to specific manager in PMO. This is done with special routing table.
  • Force check-in on ownership change: When workflow changes owner, it should do force check-in and publish, so another user can edit / provide information.
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