Microsoft Project Online TRIAL

Starting June, FluentPro Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner offers creation of trial O365 tenants with Microsoft Project Online and one of our ready-to-use PMO configurations deployed.

Trial Project Online PWA will have PMO configuration deployed and small set of sample data uploaded as well.

We offer 2 options:

Trial Microsoft Project Online  + FluentPro PMO Lite

Trial Microsoft Project Online  + FluentPro PMO Pro

Both configuration come with sample reports, dashboards and FluentPro EPM Pulse.

You can learn more at our website:

Backup / Restore and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Project Online

Backup / Restore and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Project Online

When using Microsoft Project Online, organizations do not have to worry about the disaster recovery as it is handled by Microsoft for entire PWA.

But - administrative Backup and Restore is not available in a Project Online environments as standard feature. If there is a need to roll back project plan to previous version - it is quite impossible to do (alternatively users can keep backup copy locally).

FluentPro has developed and released a product, FluentPro Backup for Microsoft Project Online.

Main features:

  • backup / restore of PWA configuration
  • backup / restore projects (one / many / all)
  • backup / restore project sites (one / many / all)
  • on-demand backup / scheduled backup with multiple schedules.

Service is available as an subscription at  $149/month plus $0.99 per GB for storage over 5GB. 

You can learn more about solution on our website: 

We use secure Microsoft Azure infrastructure for running all services and storing backup data.
The retention policy is unlimited for active customers,  we provide ability do download backups, they are compatible with FluentBooks format.

Backup history

Backup Schedule