Troubleshooting Project Server 2010

This week was kind of crazy - 2 clients with major problems. Both on RTM, DB + APP + WFE.

One of the client got the PWA in test environment corrupted. SharePoint pages inside PWA work fine but not all PS related pages and the problem is that ULS is not giving exact picture what's going on.
tried re-provisioning, deleting PWA and re-provisioning with same DBs into the same name. Ended up with restoring from day-before crash and installing Feb CU. Went well, but we've lost like 2 days and thanks that it was just a test environment.

Second client is also on RTM. But in test environment the Search application was corrupted somehow and when someone tried to delete DBs were gone but service left and it is still impossible to delete it from either   Central administration and PowerShell.

Hoped that CU will fix but on step 9 in SharePoint configuration wizard gives the error on that service since cannot do anything with it.

Will try delete it from Config DB and see if it will be gone and will tyr re-run configuration wizard. If not successful - will have to re-build the entire test environment.

Also, fixed few problems -  CLR was not enabled in DB and Taxonomy picker has the #&44; instead of ",". Small one but logs have errors and it looks ugly.

Found a strange error - SP was giving error that farm admin cannot run reconfigure on master DB and he has server wide role sysadmin. After giving explicit permissions to DB this was fixed.

This was a fun week in Houston, TX - interesting tasks, good people good food and excellent outdoor swimming pool :-)

Also, I'm almost done with content for website - we go live next weekend!.
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