Distributing project templates in Project Server 2010

Recently, we've implemented solution for template distribution to multiple PWA instances.

One of our customer had a multiple PWA instances ( really not recommended solution) and as result  problem of updating project templates from one centralized location to multiple PWA. They do it every 2 weeks, and problem of updating 20+ PWA with 10 templates each.

FluentPro has a product  - FluentPro Project Migrator (releasing soon) that supports migration of projects (MPP files with all metadata) between PWAs; And it supports project templates migration as well.

All that we had to do it to add ability to support a configuration script that will instruct product how to iterate thought multiple PWAs.

It took us only about 1 day to implement this solution with help of existing product and customer was spending 8-10 hours every month for this operation for last 14 month.

Great optimization of process.
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