Strange bug with Project Site permissions for team members

I was playing for a while with permissions for Project Sites and discovered strange way how the project server assign permission if User is a team member.

I have a project with 3 resources; All resources are Team members. Resources are assigned to one task.

If I go to Project Site -> Site Actions -> site Permissions, I will see that users have permissions and are members of Team members group.

Then I go to PWA-> Server Settings -> Project Web App Permissions and uncehck View Project Site permission in a list:

Then I go to  PWA-> Server Settings -> Manage Catagories -> MyTasks and for Team MEmbers category set the View Project Site to DENY:

Project Selection setting is default with option "User is on that project's Project Team":

 After saving, if I go to Project Site -> Site Actions -> Site Permissions, nothing changes. Deny DOES NOT  WORK.

Still you can disable that by creating additional category that will say deny for ALL project or for that selected Project and then permission disappear:

New category:


Selected Project:

And resulted permissions:

It looks it is a problem not with Deny but with "User is on that project's Project Team" criteria.

I can reproduce it on different CU and after SP1. 

Any ideas?
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