Cloud. When Project Server and SharePoint will be there?

Found interesting article -

I was surprised by "cloud first" approach for government. This is extremely good push for the cloud companies and if government goes to cloud - big companies will follow as well into both private and public clouds, and we will see decreasing number of on-premise deployments. The problem I see is that every company uses "cloud" as they understand it..and often it is just a marketing buzz for the "reshaped" old infrastructure.

In our practice - we tired of on-premise deployments, permissions, limited access, non-standardized configuration and troubleshooting all that. We want to go to some centralized and standardized model - it will make our life easier and products more stable.

Microsoft goes there with Office365. The question is - when the full versions of Project Server and SharePoint will be cloud-enabled? Will happen? And another big question - what would be the limitations for the products and platform? (current SharePoint in Office 365 is ugly and very limited). Time will show...
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